Who’s your daddy ? – happy fathers day!

Posted by on Jun 21, 2015 in Articles, Latest News

xa-african-safaris-gorilla-trekking-uganda-gorilla Who’s your daddy – well if you’re a gorilla, it doesn’t really matter. Even on fathers day!

The silverback is lord of his group and head of his family. He’s an impressive creature weighing around 180 kg’s. His chief role is to protect his family from danger. He decides when, where and how fast they move camp, pacing the day’s travel to accommodate the sick or injured.

Being the daddy gorilla it doesn’t really matter as it isn’t important for male gorillas when it comes to their relationships with the kids; it’s their rank in the group that makes the difference.  While statistically they are most likely to be the father, many infants are also sired by other males.

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