Simona Ivanov

One would say that after being on 4 safaris already, what else is there new to see, right? 

Wrong! Every time I go, it is another experience, and the last time at Timbavati was amazing! 

It is still the wildlife you see every time, of course, but what is very important is to have it organized carefully … you need to be at the right place at the right time! What is the use of finding wildlife if it is too far away or somewhere where the ranger is not allowed to go?

For us it was very easy: all we needed to do was to ask Lisa, the rest was taken care of up to the finest detail. She knows all the different camps, where the wildlife is each season, and which ranger will “go all the way” to find every single live animal that is out there. And, of course, the extra service regarding connecting flights, transfers and the best accommodation experience. Thanks again! Next trip has to be the gorillas … She knows so much about them, I would say they know just as much about her too 😉

Simona IvanovHolland / South Africa (2013)

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